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Many homes have soils that have been disrupted, replaced and even removed during the construction of the home. This may significantly impact the organic matter content and microorganism population of a soil. Both contribute significantly to turfgrass growth and development.

Lawn Doctor’s Soil Enrichment Program has been proven effective at improving the condition of your lawn’s topsoil. A combination of nitrogen, bacillus species and microbial byproducts applied in conjunction with a regularly scheduled fertilization will help improve or restore the delicate soil balance.

Soil Enrichment provides several benefits to help keep your lawn vigorous and healthy.

  • Increases microbial activity
  • Improves soil structure
  • Improves turf nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil water retention
  • Stimulates deeper root system
  • Reduces thatch accumulation

Benefits will not be instant like with some fertilizers, but will continue to improve the soil and turf quality during the course of treatments.

Lawn Doctor’s Soil Enrichment Program consists of two applications per year to provide maximum benefits from the product. The treatments are applied in conjunction with a regularly scheduled fertilization, 6-8 weeks apart.

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